Revisiting Romeo & Juliet

At the Bard on the Beach Festival, we are on the cusp of previews for this season’s production of ‘Romeo & Juliet’. Bard last produced this play in 2007. It was a beautiful production, directed by a beloved colleague whose passion for Shakespeare’s language has always inspired me. And I confess I have a sentimental attachment to that production, as it was the first one that I worked on as a voice coach for the company.

Now, almost a decade later, we return to this story. Much has changed; we have moved into a new tent, and we now have a whole new facility at the BMO Centre. Our new cast of beautiful, talented actors are working with one of this country’s most innovative directors, and her vision for the show is thrilling. 

And, as it is with Shakespeare, there is still more to discover… there’s always more to love.