Tune in the Interpretation. 
Trust in the Delivery.

Whether the purpose is character, creative, educational or descriptive, great voice talent finds ways to lift that script off the page — for the benefit of an unseeing audience. Packing a whole body of acting prowess into just one faculty. And letting it fly. Elegant, intelligent, trustworthy… tinged with gravitas.

Alison brings all that and more — making casting decisions, recording sessions and production processes easy, by delivering to your standard of perfection, with a unique vocal quality and on-point performance. Practiced, persistent, professional… game-ready.


"You have performed superbly … your voice is recognized by all our viewers as a voice of distinction."

David Reid, President & General Manager, KVOS TV


"Now they think I'm a genius! Thanks for the great job! Our clients really appreciated it."

Steve McMillan, Cape Fear Productions


“Thank you for providing your time and talent…The PSA for our Easter Seal Campaign sounds terrific."

Kim Pederson, Dir., Dev't & Comms, Lions Society of B.C.
The match was like magic. I’m serious. It was a dead ringer for what you tracked a year and a half ago.  How is that even possible? You are a voice-over machine!
No, scratch that. You are a voice-over artist of the first order.
— Randy Hayes, Owner and Creative Lead, Cross-Eyed Studio

Expertise, Perfected by Experience

With over two decades of wide-ranging professional acting experience, Alison has numerous film and television credits, including recurring roles on such acclaimed series as Gracepoint, Beggars & Choosers and Battlestar Galactica, as well as featured roles in films such as Disney's Snowdogs, Final Destination 2, and more. She has stage credits with major Canadian theatre companies — the Vancouver Playhouse, Victoria’s Belfry Theatre, among others — and has worked as a professional voiceover artist for twenty years. Alison is a member of World-Voices Organization (WoVO®), a non-profit, member-driven industry association of professional voice talent.

Your dulcet tones filled the ballroom on November 13th. Wow, it was great. Thank you so much for making the Lotus Awards such a success!
— Nicolette Eus, Producer, Lotus Awards


Central USA